Why DecTec?

Why DecTec?

Membrane Concepts exclusively installs and supports DecTec technologies. By utilizing the best materials available on the market today, we are able to deliver a deck membrane system that lasts for years with little maintenance.

DecTec products are both waterproof and fire-resistant.

DecTec’s membrane is adhered to the deck substrate by either a water-based or solvent-based adhesive. The membrane roll stock, once adhered to the substrate, is heat-welded together to create a completely waterproof seam, stronger than the membrane itself.

DecTec Guardian is the only deck membrane in the industry to achieve a Class C fire rating when directly adhered to 5/8” T&G plywood. Our unique fiberglass reinforcement combined with our exclusive spread coat process provides our ability to meet and exceed the vigorous requirements of Class C.

DecTec brand membrane self-extinguishes once the source of the flame is removed. This is due to the polymers natural ability. Lesser quality deck membranes incorporate inexpensive fillers as a means to control cost, and those that continue to burn.

When determining a membrane for your home, or project, remember it’s the polymer, not the filler that keeps out water and provides the long term performance you demand.

Smart Surface, Smart System, Smart Choice

For over 35 years DecTec™ has delivered proven waterproofing and roofing solutions for decks, balconies, walkways and many other types of exterior surface applications. As North America’s leading innovator in pedestrian traffic bearing PVC membranes, along with industry leading system accessories and components, water intrusion problems on deck areas are a thing of the past. DecTec, over 35 years of proven technology and proven performance.

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