How long have you been in business?
Membrane Concepts began installing 60 mil PVC commercial pool liners in the early 1990’s and incorporated in 1996. We were one of the first companies in North America to install custom 60 mil PVC pool liners, and helped develop the industry from its commercial roofing origins to what it is today.
How many 60 mil PVC pool liners have you installed?
Since incorporating we’ve installed hundreds of pool liners in a wide variety of commercial and residential settings throughout the country. Many of our first installations from the early 1990’s are still in operation with the original liners.
What is the warranty on a Membrane Concepts commercial pool liner?
Our standard weld in place 60 mil pool liners are warranted for ten (10) years against cracking, tearing, delamination, and leakage from any welded seams.  Our premium ElvaFlex 60 mil pool liners are warrantied for the same for 20 years and are also highly fade resistant.  These are full repair or replace warranties, NOT a prorated warranty.
How long will a Membrane Concepts 60 mil PVC commercial pool liner last?
The life expectancy of our standard liner is estimated at between 15 and 20 years depending on months of operation, UV conditions, pool care and chemistry.  Our premium ElvaFlex liner is warranted for 20 years and should last up to 25 years or more with proper care.
How should a Membrane Concepts custom PVC pool liner be cleaned?
Our 60 mil pool liners tend not to stain easily because of their non-porous surface, but every pool is different in terms of its chemical composition, use and surface build up.  As a general rule we advise you use the mildest and least abrasive cleaner that works on the stain you’re trying to clean.  Chlorine solutions and a soft brush will work on most stains.  You can also try Simple Green or vinyl liner and deck cleaning products to see how they work on specific spots and on the scum line.  CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover) can also be used effectively on our PVC liners for calcium buildup.  If none of the above work well then the liner can be wiped clean with denatured alcohol, acetone or MEK, but use sparingly and only enough as necessary.
How much does a Membrane Concepts 60 mil commercial pool liner cost?
Each of our pool liner projects must be quoted individually. A variety of factors including size, difficulty of installation, location, time window, elevation, steps, lights, terminations, special features, depths, racing lanes, union conditions, type of gutter or skimmers, and other conditions make it very difficult to price a project without specific information. Usually we can get you a firm price quotation within 24 hours once we have a good understanding of the size and scope of your project. Normally a short conversation with us along with a few pictures or drawings will be enough for us to get you a quote.


How is a Membrane Concepts 60 mil commercial pool liner installed?
The first step is to perform all required surface preparations to any badly damaged areas in the pool. Small cracks and pits do not need to be repaired because they will be covered by a geotextile felt that is adhered over the entire surface of the pool. Our 60 mil thick polyester reinforced PVC membrane is then applied over the felt and fully adhered to it. The outer edge of the liner at the top of the walls or the back of the gutter is mechanically fastened so that there are no free edges. All seams are melted together by thermal fusion welding to form one continuous membrane. Hard PVC flanges are used to compress the liner over a bed of caulking around all the penetrations in the pool. Racing lanes and transition lines are heat welded over the top of the membrane. We perform a final inspection and then the pool is ready to be filled.


How long will a Membrane Concepts 60 mil pool liner installation take?
The installation time depends upon the size of the pool, the season, and the difficulty. On average, most of our projects are completed in a week or two depending on the size of the pool and weather, with larger 50 meter pools taking a little longer. Depending on the time of year, weather can cause significant delays due to rain or ice. We can give you a fairly accurate time estimate when we submit a proposal for your pool.


Can I talk to other Membrane Concepts customers about their PVC pool liner and satisfaction?
Of course! Contact us for some references.


The coping around the top of my pool deck is deteriorated, can that be repaired?
Yes, we have compatible 60 mil PVC materials that are designed for coping and deck installations. These membranes are heavily textured for slip resistance and are adhered over your existing tile, concrete or wooden decks. They are completely watertight and can be heat welded to our pool liners at the edge of the coping to form one surface.


What if someone should cut the liner or it is damaged in another way?
Our liners are very strong and will not tear or puncture under normal conditions which are covered under our warranty.  However, in the unlikely case of a liner cut occurring from something unusual, your membrane can be easily repaired with an underwater patch kit.  We can also easily weld a permanent patch if needed, provided the area damaged is dry.
What about my gutter and piping in the pool?

Typical gutters can leak over time and we always advise you to pressure test them prior to installing a new PVC pool liner.  The pool’s plumbing should also be pressure tested including all returns and main drains prior to the installation of a 60 mil pool liner.

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