Color & Design Options

Color & Design Options

Pick any combination of colors and patterns to design your own pool and complement its surroundings. The patterns are produced with PVC based inks that become one with the base material to ensure the most durable print possible. Multiple non-skid surface designs are also available.

60 mil black PVC is offered for racing lanes and targets and meets all NCAA, FINA and USA Swimming marking requirements.

Custom logos and details can be designed by overlaying contrasting colored lining. Additional colors and patterns are available in our decking material product lines.


Colors & Patterns

Click here to download our colors and designs brochure.

Our Most Popular Color & Design Options 

Black 9902

Light Grey 9135

Light Blue 8286

White 2028

Sand 3152

Light Green 8039

Blue 8283

Navy Blue 8287

Anti Slip (All Unicolor & Printed Options)


Eco Green 7219

Dark Grey 9133

Snapir Blue

Snapir Grey

Snapir Earth

Cool Sparks

Galit NG

Granit NG1

Granit NG2

Matrix Blue

Matrix Silver



Learn more about PVC Liner Care

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Membrance Concepts Liners

1. Excellent Resistance to Microbial Growth

Preventing microorganism surface growth such as: algae, mold and mildew often prevalent in pool systems.

2. U.V Stability & Color-Fastness

Chemically designed for enhanced U.V stability and superior color fastness performance.

3. Hot-Air Welding Strength

Easily welded and demonstrate exceptional hot-air welding strength / peel resistance.

4. Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Maintain smooth, intact surface as well as easy to clean properties for longer period.

5. Resistance to Super-Chlorination

Exposure to extensive super chlorination results in minor to non visual effect for all colors and designs (including light gray).

6. Superior Lacquered Liners

Exclusive stain resistance and clean-up properties.

7. Liquid PVC (Membrane Seal)

Increased durability, as well as stable viscosity & re-usable capability.

8. Superior Quality Assurance Processes

Stringent quality control methodology for excellent quality & stable processes.

9. ElvaFlex - Premium solutions: Extreme Lifespan & Durability to Chemicals

Certified Potable-water formula. Exceptional resistance to enhanced U.V. conditions as well as unique durability when in direct contact with chemicals including fuel & oil.

ElvaFlex is the ultimate solution for those customers who insist on having a liner that, with proper care and maintenance, will last practically the lifetime of their pool.

10. StoneFlex Range – premium design, unique lacquering properties

Haogenplast unique Stone-like design formulated with specialized enhanced lacquering formula – demonstrating exceptional clean-ability properties for our stone design as well as dry, non plastic, and non slip grip.

60 Mil PVC Liner Product Details

Membrane Concepts custom 60 mil PVC inground pool liners are made up of two strong and durable layers. Our weld in place PVC membranes are manufactured specifically for the pool environment to exacting standards using virgin PVC compounds and anti-fungal agents.

The outer surface of our commercial 60 mil PVC pool liners have a factory applied acrylic top coating that produces a puncture resistant, pore free and easy to clean pool surface.

Our weld in place PVC membrane is inert, which means that less chemicals are needed to maintain proper water chemistry. This greatly reduces microorganism growth, chorine consumption, and significantly lowers pool maintenance costs.

Polyester Mesh

Polyester mesh reinforcing is bonded between the layers of our 60 mil PVC pool liner. This polyester reinforcing gives our commercial PVC membranes dimensional stability and unsurpassed strength.

Benefits of Our Product:

  • Industry leading UV defense.
  • Unparalleled chlorine resistant formula achieves the lowest fading levels in the industry.
  • Engineered specific protective topcoat to safeguard against stains and print wear.
  • North American made.