Custom weld in place 60 mil PVC in-ground pool linings go over most any existing hard wall and floor systems such as poured concrete, gunite, steel, aluminum, fiberglass or wood.

60 mil PVC Liners are Your Permenent Solution for Water Loss Due to corrosion and cracking in In-Ground Aquatic Environments. 


Our 60 mil custom PVC pool membranes are adhered over a 150 mil (11 ounce) geotextile slip-sheet which is also adhered directly onto the pool surface. This separator fleece is designed to protect the pool surface and membrane from freeze/thaw cycles, soil and chemical exposure. In addition to this protection the fleece also serves to smooth and level the surface of the pool below the liner for an outstanding finished look


Our 60 mil PVC commercial pool liners are adhered and heat welded together forming a complete watertight system over the entire surface of the pool. Several liner termination options are available depending on the existing pool structure and finished look desired.


All penetrations such as lights, railings, returns, skimmers, rope hooks and main drains are secured with custom made Type 1 Hard PVC flanges that are mechanically fastened using stainless steel into a bed of caulking onto the pool surface.

Pool deck areas can also be made watertight and attractive with our slip-resistant 60 mil PVC decking membranes that can be directly welded to our PVC pool liners around the coping of your pool and deck.