Skimmer Resurfacing

In many older pools the surface inside the throat and neck of the skimmers deteriorates significantly.  Tiles chip and fall out, paint flakes away, cement cracks and chips off, and metal surfaces pit and rust.  In many cases, the skimmers work perfectly fine and can be resurfaced with a custom waterproof fiberglass shell and tied back into our 60mil PVC pool liner system.  Resurfacing not only makes the skimmer and pool look new, but also saves thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to replace and plumb in new skimmers.

First, we smooth out the inside surface of the skimmer and get down to a solid base substrate.  Next we terminate the new fiberglass shell with a waterproof bonding agent along all exposed edges.  We then apply a smooth waterproof fiberglass coating over the inside skimmer surface and tie it back into our 60 mil PVC pool liner system.

Pictured below are a few examples of old skimmers in commercial pool settings resurfaced with our custom waterproof fiberglass shells (click to enlarge.)


Before Resurfacing

After Resurfacing

After Resurfacing