60 Mil PVC Liner Care

Your 60 mil weld in place PVC commercial pool membrane can be cleaned and maintained exactly as you’ve been doing with your previous pool surface. The PVC pool liner does not need any special chemicals or cleaners to maintain its new look or to improve its lifespan. The 60 mil pool liner is durable enough to be cleaned with robotic vacuums, and your water chemistry should actually be easier to maintain because of the non-porous nature of the PVC membrane. The best way to maintain a 60 mil PCV pool liner is to keep your chlorine and PH levels as consistent as possible except to shock as necessary.

The pool can also be safely drained of water at any time with no effect to the PVC membrane. The 60 mil PVC inground pool liner is completely adhered to the floor and walls of the pool and will not pull away or stretch because of its polyester inner weave. Please note that although draining the pool will not directly effect the PVC liner, we always recommend leaving water in the pool to protect the liner from objects falling in, and from ground water causing damage to the pool structure itself. Always consult a pool specialist when planning to drain your pool.

Your 60 mil PVC inground pool liner will not stain easily because of its non-porous surface, but every pool is different in terms of its chemical composition, use and surface build up. If any staining does occur we advise you to use the mildest and least abrasive cleaner that works on the stain you’re trying to clean. Chlorine solutions and a soft brush will work on most stains. You can also try vinyl liner, tile and deck cleaning products such as Simple Green to see how they work on specific spots and on the scum line. CLR (calcium, lime and rust) cleaners can also be used for excessive calcium buildup.

If none of the above work then the 60 mil PVC pool liner can be wiped clean with denatured alcohol, MEK or acetone, but use sparingly and only enough as necessary. The black lane and transition lines cannot be cleaned with MEK or acetone because they can take off the black dye in the PVC. If you’re cleaning a scum line then lower the water a few inches to give yourself space to work and wear safety gloves to protect your hands. Soak a terry cloth with the solvent and wipe the liner. Use a stiff brush behind the cloth if needed to get into the cracks of any slip resistant membrane. Be careful to also protect your eyes for any splash.

Your 60 mil PVC commercial inground pool liner may also come with a small air release valve located on the top of the deep end pool wall. The purpose for this is to allow the gases beneath the PVC liner to escape when you’re filling the pool the first time with water. The water pressure will force the gases from the adhesives up the walls and out the air release and prevent any bubbling near the top of the liner. Take out the screw with an allen wrench when you begin filling your pool. When the water is a few inches below the air release place some caulking on the screw and tighten it back in. Wait a few hours for the caulking to set and resume filling the pool. 

Your 60 mil PVC commercial pool liner system also has a water pump-out installed on the floor of the pool usually between or around the main drains. The purpose for this is to give you the ability in the unlikely event to remove water that may get underneath the liner for any reason. Your commercial PVC pool liner is very durable and is difficult to puncture, however, in the event a hole is ever found it can be easily repaired underwater by the patch kit provided, or with any vinyl liner patch kit purchased at a pool supply store. These patches will last until such time that you can lower or empty the pool of water enough for a permanent PVC patch to be welded in place.