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60 mil PVC Commercial Pool Liners

Many different materials have been used to waterproof pool walls and all of them work for a while until a slight structural movement takes place, often caused by temperature change that cracks the waterproofing. The pool then starts to leak and the saturation of the external ground can cause more structural movement that increases the stress on the waterproofing, and causes the pool to leak even more.

In a weld in place 60 mil PVC membrane lined pool, the structure into which they are put has to be stable enough to be certain that a structural failure will not occur, but not totally rigid. The result is that any cracking caused by small structural movements will not lead to leaks because the water proofing is provided by the PVC pool liner and not the pool structure itself. The installation of a 60 mil PVC commercial pool liner is often the only permanent solution to habitually leaking pool.

The invention of the 60 mil PVC inground pool liner has been one of the most significant things that has happened in the swimming pool industry. The 60 mil liners utilized by Membrane Concepts are suitable for every type of pool and surface including all types of cement, gunite, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. From the heaviest used commercial pools to pools with excessive stress from ice, snow, and sun, Membrane Concepts is your solution.

Why Does a 60 mil PVC Pool Liner Work so Well?

60 mil PVC commercial pool liners are so successful at solving pool surface problems because they are flexible, durable, and compatible with any type of pool environment whether it is concrete, plaster, gunite, fiberglass, aluminum or steel. Membrane Concepts custom installs our 60 mil inground pool liners on site with trained industry professionals to create a proven, watertight system with total design flexibility. Our polyester reinforced 60 mil PVC pool liners are hot air welded together inside the old pool, completely eliminating leaks, and the need to paint, plaster, caulk, sandblast, scrape or hassle with the old shell’s problems. Our PVC commercial pool liners are completely suspended inside the existing pool and do not depend on a bond with the old pool to maintain its integrity. Our custom installed 60 mil pool liners are unaffected by expansion/contraction and freeze/thaw problems like conventional pool repair options.

Our commercial inground pool liners also have a non-porous surface that makes it difficult for algae to adhere to its surface, thus significantly reducing the need for cleanup and maintenance. In addition, 60 mil PVC membranes also provide special eletrical isolation benefits for problem aluminum pools and other metallic pools. Since PVC is an excellent insulation, the electrical currents in the body of water are prevented from contacting the metal wall by the 60 mil PVC barrier.

Commercial 60 mil PVC pool liners may also be used to line fountains and other water features, virtually anywhere that water needs to be contained, and are typically less expensive than conventional renovation options. Membrane Concepts custom 60 mil PVC pool liners easily cover cracks, and eliminate leakage at cold joints, efficiently transforming any pool modification into a completely new watertight structure.

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