Membrane Concepts was featured in Pool and Spa News

PVC membranes are closely related to single-ply waterproof roofing sheets, but specially formulated to withstand the rigors of a chemically-treated pool. The material won’t affect the water balance because it’s chemically inert and its nonporous surface makes this type of liner insusceptible to staining and corrosion.

The membrane is reinforced with polyester fabric webbing sandwiched between layers of PVC, giving it a hearty 60-mil thickness.

The liner can go over any structurally sound shell (concrete, fiberglass, steel, etc.). There is no need to sandblast and prep the surface to perfection, though you may want to apply a sanitizer over the entire surface area of the pool to prevent fungus from growing behind the membrane.

“Think of it like wrapping a Christmas present,” says Ron Melbourne, owner of Membrane Concepts, a New Bedford, Mass., firm that does installations nationwide. (Clients include the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art … oh, and the White House.) “It comes out real nice, but it’s quite labor intensive.”

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