Product Specifications

DecTec CoolStep Specifications

CoolStep – the first Cool Roof Rating Council Listed walkable, reflective membrane in the industry! DecTec brings single-ply Cool Roof Principles and Technology to flat roof pedestrian areas. Unlike liquid applied coatings, DecTec membranes won’t crack, peel, or wear away and can be easily installed in a single day providing little to no disruption to the construction schedule, or tennants. And the name says it all: CoolStep stays cool to walk on in bare feet, even in extremely high summer temperatures!


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DecTec Guardian Specifications

DecTec “Guardian” is a high quality, heat-weldable waterproof membrane with a textured surface, designed to accept foot traffic. Guardian’s internal fibreglass reinforcement means unparalleled dimensional stability (lays perfectly flat when unrolled), excellent fire properties, and the ability to create practically any flashing required right on site – no other membrane has this ability! Our unique spreadcoat construction fully encapsulates the reinforcement making it impossible to delaminate – and able to withstand multiple freeze/thaw cycles through the harshest weather conditions. For your balcony waterproofing requirements, specify Guardian.


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DecTec Select Specifications

DecTec “Select” is a high quality Roofing membrane designed to accept foot traffic. Select meets North American Building Code Standards for PVC Single-Ply Roofing Membrane and ICC criteria for Walking Decks.

A Professional grade membrane demands Professional grade components, and DecTec is up to the task with our pre-formed flashings and system components.

When your deck is an integral part of your Building Envelope, there really is only one walkable roof membrane to “Select”!


Download the Select Product Data Sheet

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