The articles listed below are from national trade publications and all feature Membrane Concepts and the work we do throughout the country.

Washington DC Fountain

Aqua Magazine, Nov 2016

The 60-Mil liner is not a new invention, but it’s one that still draws interest from liner aficionados for its installation technique, … It’s much more common to see these liners in the commercial renovation applications such as this one, a fountain basin in Yards Park, located in Washington, D.C’s Capitol Riverfront neighborhood.

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By Ron Melbourne, May 2016

Yards Park is a wonderful open space in the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood of Washington, D.C. One of its main attractions is in the middle block of the park, where you’ll find a grand watershape with a footprint that covers an area spanning 20 by 135 feet. … The basin’s interior had cracked, and the thick layer of paint that had been used to finish the interior surface had deteriorated and was littering the water with chips and flakes. This is when we at Membrane Concepts (New Bedford, Mass.) were called in.

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Wading Through Solutions For Peeling Fountain Paint

Parks & Rec Business, April 20, 2016

The Yards Park is an open space in Washtington D.C.’s Capitol Riverfront neighborhood. In the middle block of the park, there is a monumental fountain that is 20 feet wide and 135 feet long. The canal basin is only 11 feet deep with a splash/ water feature on one end. The fountain doubles as a play pool.

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Renovating pools using heat-welded PVC membranes

Pool & Spa Marketing, November 9, 2015

Outdoor commercial pools located in regions where severe freeze-thaw cycles occur are perpetually plagued by the effects of freezing winter temperatures and extreme heat in the summer. From peeling plaster and paint to cracks and leaks, most pools typically require a fair amount of refurbishing each spring to ready them for the summer.

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Old Idea, New Approach

Aqua Magazine, Oct 2015

The welded pool membrane is not a new concept. It began in Europe more than 30 years ago and came to the Americas shortly thereafter. But in the past five years this concept has moved from novel to mainstream, at least for some parts of the commercial market.

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A Job to Love

Pool Pro Magazine, Summer 2015

Membrane Concepts in Massachusetts is one of a handful of companies in the nation that installs custom 60 mil PVC in-ground pool liners. Owner and general manager Ron Melbourne has three employees who travel all over the nation together installing pool liners. All of them say they couldn’t be happier in their jobs and having each other as co-workers.

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PVC Membrane Saves Old Commercial Pools

Pool Pro Magazine, Summer Preview 2015

The answer to repair and budget woes, annual repairs and patches might reside in PVC Membrane: a 60 mil, reinforced PVC lining product that claims to provide 15 years of plaster-free, sandblast-free, no-hassle pool openings. Ron Melbourne of Membrane Concepts says the vast majority of calls to his Boston-area office are for older pools. “We’re seeing a lot of cement or gunite pools that have been plastered over with fiberglass or with several layers of paint,” he says. “They’ve all tried many of the same things in the past to alleviate or fix things that are causing problems on the pool surface.”

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Laying It on Thick

Pool & Spa News, October 24, 2014

PVC membranes are closely related to single-ply waterproof roofing sheets, but specially formulated to withstand the rigors of a chemically-treated pool. The material won’t affect the water balance because it’s chemically inert and its nonporous surface makes this type of liner insusceptible to staining and corrosion.

The membrane is reinforced with polyester fabric webbing sandwiched between layers of PVC, giving it a hearty 60-mil thickness.

The liner can go over any structurally sound shell (concrete, fiberglass, steel, etc.). There is no need to sandblast and prep the surface to perfection, though you may want to apply a sanitizer over the entire surface area of the pool to prevent fungus from growing behind the membrane.

“Think of it like wrapping a Christmas present,” says Ron Melbourne, owner of Membrane Concepts, a New Bedford, Mass., firm that does installations nationwide. (Clients include the U.S. Olympic Training Center, Metropolitan Museum of Art … oh, and the White House.) “It comes out real nice, but it’s quite labor intensive.”

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