60 mil Pool Liner Details



Industry leading UV defense.
– Unparalleled chlorine resistant formula achieves the lowest fading levels in the industry.
– Engineered specific protective topcoat to safeguard against stains and print wear.
– North American made.


1. Membrane Concepts custom 60 mil PVC inground pool liners are made up of two strong and durable layers.  Our weld in place PVC membranes are manufactured specifically for the pool environment to exacting standards using virgin PVC compounds and anti-fungal agents.

The outer surface of our commercial 60 mil PVC pool liners have a factory applied acrylic top coating that produces a puncture resistant, pore free and easy to clean pool surface.

Our weld in place PVC membrane is inert, which means that less chemicals are needed to maintain proper water chemistry.  This greatly reduces microorganism growth, chorine consumption, and significantly lowers pool maintenance costs.


2. Polyester mesh reinforcing is bonded between the layers of our 60 mil PVC pool liner.  This polyester reinforcing gives our commercial PVC membranes dimensional stability and unsurpassed strength.

Membrane Concepts commercial 60 mil PVC inground pool liners comply with all applicable local, state and national codes.